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The current war in Ukraine does not leave us untouched. We may not be able to stop this absolute madness, but we can all make meaningful contributions in different ways. We too have thought about how we can help and have already implemented our idea. The best thing about it: You can join in and support us with just a few minutes of your time!

April 21, 2022

How it works? It’s simple:
  1. Download materials incl. instructions »
  2. Print the colouring pictures double-sided on A4 paper; print the booklets single-sided on A3 paper
  3. Cut the sheets of paper with colouring pictures in the middle; cut and fold the booklets according to the instruction.
  4. Drop off the colouring pictures and booklets (and any other donations if you wish) at Wien Hauptbahnhof or another suitable organisation / reception centre so that they can be distributed to Ukrainian children. ♥

Together, we are strong and can make a difference – we thank you for your support!

Ukraine help initiative

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