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UX/ UI Design

In just a few seconds, it is obvious to a user whether a website, app or product interface is logically structured, easy to understand and appealing.

What is not obvious at first glance: the profound strategic work behind it that is required to develop strong designs. Our user-centred design approach takes into account the future needs of users, functionality, clarity and safety of use. So, despite all aesthetic demands, the primary focus of our designs will always be on the user and functionality – and is then topped off with an exceptional visual design to match.

Industrial & Product Design

Good product design is based on in-depth knowledge about the user of a product. We combine this knowledge with a thorough understanding of production technology, ergonomics and material science as well as design skills and plenty of experience with a wide range of clients. With each of these aspects, the user is always at the centre.

The business aspect is just as important as technology and creativity: Designing a high-quality, usable and producible product will lead to the success of our client.

What’s more: With our circular design strategy », we focus on creating products and services for the circular economy – resulting in a reduction of resource use, waste production and emissions. Now, that is real sustainability.

3D & Motion Design

To communicate a product effectively, we need to understand it. That’s why all of our 3D animations are preceded by thorough research so we can build on our deep and comprehensive understanding and convey our clients’ message in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Projects that we find particularly exciting are those where others drop out due to their overwhelming complexity. For us, it’s not just about “pretty”, but about effective emotional communication – no matter how technical the subject may be.

Marketing Strategy & Content Creation

We are not a classic branding or advertising agency. Rather, we advise our clients to better understand their own customers as well as their needs and pain points. We believe that our clients’ products are the solution to their customers’ challenges. With the help of our communication strategies, we therefore bring the solution to those who need it.

As a design agency, we take care not only of the strategy, but of the implementation too – which saves valuable resources. An industry we specialise in are capital goods, but thanks to our first-hand experience across multiple industries, you can rely on our consulting expertise in a variety of fields.

Service Design

Good service design turns touchpoints into points of passion. It not only forms the basis for the successful development of new products and services, but is also the route to success when it comes to making existing things better.

Designing for everyone involved means considering the macro- and micro-level aspects that play into users’ interactions with the product or service. The primary focus is on maximising convenience and tearing down barriers – which makes it possible to approach the creation of ideas in a very targeted manner to exploit their full potential.

Software Development

Our journey does not have to end with the finished designs. Our project management team is experienced in software development projects, meaning that we can code your website, app or software in cooperation with our long-term software development partner.

This saves you effort and resources as digital product design and its development are taken care of by the same company. We also provide several other benefits such as agile development processes and in-house testing & quality assurance, as well as covering the whole process from user stories to update management.


bekum control 8.0 interface close-up


The best user interface designs don’t just look good: They enable intuitive and efficient operation, increased production as well as optimal work processes and safety.

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ENGEL injection moulding machine sketch
ENGEL product design

World market leader – the ultimate success! Such a big title wants to be earned. The PESCHKE product design team took on the challenge to overcome the design hurdles and helped ENGEL achieve exactly that.

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Case study ZEISS Tempar
ZEISS TEMPAR interface

Intuitive software interface design and marketing concept for ZEISS TEMPAR: The comprehensive and reliable monitoring system for measuring rooms.

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Our clients choose us for a reason:

Because we choose them. Choosing means committing.
Going all-in. Delivering.

We believe in our clients’ vision and know one thing for certain: The only route to our success is to make our clients successful too.

What we do

PESCHKE has a very deep knowledge and understanding of how to build a vision for the future. They bring these ideas to the ground and provide concrete solutions such as realizing a new product ecosystem and integrating connected products. They also have a deep technical understanding of marketing and create great designs for UX/UI. Their comprehensive service is what makes PESCHKE so unique.

Magnus Schepers, Project Manager

Our customers confirm that the design and UX are great. Meanwhile, the PESCHKE team is highly flexible as they grow with us and our developers. Overall, we’ve had a great collaboration.

Martin Dlouhy, CEO

We’re very happy with the quality of PESCHKE’s work and their feedback. They’re very responsive and helpful. They’re always focused on finding a solution that meets the requirements for manufacturing, but that is also satisfying for us from a design point of view.

Denise Mandt, Founder

Communication was very easy and fast. The entire team is motivated and helpful. Their fast responsiveness, eye for detail and patience for contradicting requirements is impressive.

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Elias Sheety,a Project Manager

PESCHKE was focused on fulfilling our objectives. Dedicated to meeting expectations, they produced functional and well-designed deliverables. Upon applying the design to the machinery, we noted an additional improvement regarding ease of use. Accommodating and responsive, the PESCHKE team was receptive to feedback and quickly implemented our idea in the designs.

Florian Mosgöller, Manager
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