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The identified potentials became even clearer when the software was enhanced with new functions and features. These required an update of the license models and upgraded the measuring room surveillance system to a large-scale surveillance and evaluation system for all measuring rooms.

We took on the challenge of developing an intuitive and easy-to-learn software interface design for ZEISS TEMPAR. As an all-in-one partner, we were the single point of contact for ZEISS’ product management and marketing team, resulting in more efficient project handling and execution.

Due to our range of core competencies », we were able to provide a combination of UX/UI and app design as well as a strong marketing strategy including marketing materials of a range of digital and print media. In this way, we communicated the easy application of the software and its advantages to potential customers and supported the sales team.

The biggest challenges help you grow the most

Delving into the world of quality assurance and metrology

ZEISS TEMPAR was our very first contact with the topic of quality assurance and metrology. To create designs of highest quality, we had to learn the ropes of measuring room classification and audits. Knowing who you design for and what they need is the base for tailored designs that provide real added value, rather than just being nice to look at.

New processes, user personas and iterative development

The problems of the initial situation were quickly identified. During the next step, we had to identify the different users and understand their needs in more detail. The range of users was rather large, ranging from measurement technician to quality manager at C-level.

Based on our insights and findings, we redefined the entire process within the software. Our innovations began with the set-up process, including the process of adding measuring rooms, and extended from there to everyday use and data evaluation.

Furthermore, product development and software interface design occurred in parallel and affected on another: Wireframes and test runs gave rise to new ideas and features, which were then continuously implemented in the software interface design and communicated to the developers.

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New perspective. Clear expectations. Reliable results.

Transparent and clearly defined processes are important to us. They allow both us and our clients to track our progress from project start to finish. In case plans change, we are able to act flexibly and in time. Our consulting competencies can be relied on during each and every step.

Interface redesign projects such as ZEISS TEMPAR follow our UX/UI design process. Moreover, we drew up the marketing conceptas part of our marketing process ». Some of the insights that we gained from the process include:

Assessment & briefing

The big challenges of the project became clear right from the start.

On the one hand, the project scope expanded considerably. At first, our client had come to us with the assumption that the interface would simply have to be improved in terms of appearance. In reality, the entire structure of the interface would have to be renewed as it was not intuitive to use. Our service design » and UX/UI design » teams therefore worked together to set up a completely new process that our interface redesign could be based on.

On the other hand, redesigning the interface for an existing software solution (compared to designing a new interface for a brand new software) means that the new software interface design has to be suitable for new customers as well as for existing ones who are already used to a specific workflow. These two user groups have very different requirements. While logical changes that support the use of the software are great for new users, we had to get existing users on board too by ensuring they could easily adjust to the new design and workflow, which placed functions in different, albeit more intuitive, locations.

ZEISS Tempar wireframes | software interface design Vienna

Users, insights & strategy

Since various users from measurement technician to quality manager at C-level must be able to perform their tasks with the same software, it contains a range of different functions. To prevent users from being overwhelmed by this, we decidedly opted for a user role system.

With this system, functions are filtered by user. This means that only functions that are actually relevant for the user are displayed. On the one hand, the selective operating options reduce the user’s responsibility, and on the other hand, they provide security, especially in the corporate environment: In system-relevant IT infrastructures, users must not have access to functions that are not intended for them, meaning they cannot accidentally change processes through uninformed clicks.


Functional UX/UI development

In addition to the user role system, new functions were designed for the user:

  • Uncomplicated software setup via wizard
  • Important information is recognisable at first glance in a well-structured overview
  • A tile layout enables complete software customisation. This allows the user to build and manage screens themselves.
Visual design

Icons, colours and arrangement clearly support the information hierarchy and underlying functions. At the same time, they are adapted to the specifications of the ZEISS corporate design. Discreetly rounded corners, a minimalist design and other design details convey a modern, appealing and professional feel.

ZEISS Tempar wireframes | software interface design Vienna

The marketing concept was also included in the process and uniformly implemented in various formats. We developed a 3D animation », brochure, infographic, flyer and key visual to achieve the communication goals set by ZEISS.

These included presenting ZEISS TEMPAR as an enabler and premium product that supports the user exactly where they need it. This message needed to be relevant for each user persona, reflect their daily work routines and match actual marketable features of the software. At the same time, it had to be simple enough to be easily understood instead of overwhelming with complexity as was the case before.

This required a mix of Points of Parity and Points of Difference » to show that the product covers existing needs while also providing above-standard benefits for a competitive advantage.

ZEISS TEMPAR Interface - The strategy pays off

One of the most beautiful aspects of design projects is the successful handover of a finished, high-quality product that completely fulfils the user’s requirements and makes everyday life easier. Our interface redesign and marketing concept for ZEISS TEMPAR achieved exactly that:

Easy interface to learn

The intuitive structure of the interface enables quick learning of the programme – for the ZEISS TEMPAR software solution » as well as for the ZEISS TEMPAR app ».

Reduced training time and required support

Along with a clear and understandable interface, the training time required to successfully use the software was reduced. For the same reason, there is now less need for support, as many ambiguities and problems of the original design were resolved.

Increase in sales figures

Thanks to the new interface and successful marketing materials, the software was easier to communicate for the sales team and therefore more attractive to promote. This lead to a significant increase in sales.

Consistent communication

The unified communication and marketing concept enabled consistent communication across all channels to strategically reach target groups and inform them about the new ‘face’ of the software as well as the reliable application possibilities in quality assurance.

Guideline for the future

ZEISS defined the ZEISS TEMPAR project as an internal benchmark for software interface design and UX. It thus became the blue thread of corporate design specifications – and that of the group-wide interface design.

ZEISS TEMPAR was also the first Adamos app that ZEISS launched in its IIoT portal. A huge success for the project team at ZEISS and PESCHKE!

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PESCHKE has a very deep knowledge and understanding of how to build a vision for the future. They bring these ideas to the ground and provide concrete solutions such as realizing a new product ecosystem and integrating connected products. They also have a deep technical understanding of marketing and create great designs for UX/UI. Their comprehensive service is what makes PESCHKE so unique.

Magnus Schepers, Project Manager

Our customers confirm that the design and UX are great. Meanwhile, the PESCHKE team is highly flexible as they grow with us and our developers. Overall, we’ve had a great collaboration.

Martin Dlouhy, CEO

We’re very happy with the quality of PESCHKE’s work and their feedback. They’re very responsive and helpful. They’re always focused on finding a solution that meets the requirements for manufacturing, but that is also satisfying for us from a design point of view.

Denise Mandt, Founder

Communication was very easy and fast. The entire team is motivated and helpful. Their fast responsiveness, eye for detail and patience for contradicting requirements is impressive.

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Elias Sheety,a Project Manager

PESCHKE was focused on fulfilling our objectives. Dedicated to meeting expectations, they produced functional and well-designed deliverables. Upon applying the design to the machinery, we noted an additional improvement regarding ease of use. Accommodating and responsive, the PESCHKE team was receptive to feedback and quickly implemented our idea in the designs.

Florian Mosgöller, Manager
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