Peschke business card evolution over time
Peschkedesign is now PESCHKE: Three good reasons for our new name

Company colours, logos, business cards and websites change quickly these days. Company names not quite as often. What prompted us to rename our company and to drop the “design” from our name? Are we not designers anymore? Spoiler alert: Of course we still are. But we are also much more than that.

September 27, 2021

Why we changed our name

For some years now, the consulting part of our work has been getting bigger and bigger. Especially in the field of product design, be it tangible or virtual products, more and more strategic decisions have to be made. We actively support our clients in identifying and pursuing the right path for them. The decisions we make together subsequently form the foundation for sustainable, and above all successful, design development. Continuing to include “design” in our name would hence have limited us to an activity that is part of a much larger process. Therefore, it became clear to us that we had to adapt our name in order to create an accurate perception of what we offer and practice.

Some might think that a single word could not possibly be a hindrance. In practice, however, words have a very strong impact due to associations. What’s more: these associations change over time. The term “design” is a prime example of a word that has changed noticeably over the years. It has become an umbrella term: Nowadays, design encompasses everything from hair design to food design to industrial design. The fact that other areas are increasingly gaining attention in the design world is of course a wonderful development, but it has made the now very broadly stretched term unsuitable for our brand – despite the fact that design is still 100% part of our DNA. As a unique selling point, however, the term no longer gives our customers the necessary guidance and clarity about what we do as it did ten years ago.

Okay, the “design” had to go – but why are we PESCHKE now?

We have been a family business for more than four decades – and we are proud of that. The Peschke family name has left its mark on the Austrian design landscape, especially in product design; on the one hand through the work carried out for our clients, on the other hand through knowledge passed on through various teaching assignments and lectures as well as through further training for our employees. It was important to us to keep the identification of our name and to retain our roots. Taking on PESCHKE as a stand-alone company name was therefore the right decision for us, one that we stand behind with conviction and that leads to us being sought out by clients who we can best support with our expertise.


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