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Gregor, 3D Praktikant bei PESCHKE

Hello Gregor, let’s get right into it: What impression have you gained of the company during your internship so far?

Since the beginning of my internship, I have been able to work on various projects and gain an insight into different areas of the company. I find PESCHKE to be a very professional and future-oriented company with a very friendly atmosphere; I was part of the team right from the start and not just “the intern”.


How do you experience your day-to-day work in the design studio and how had you imagined it beforehand?

The team dynamic is very open and pleasant. It’s fun to work and if I have any questions, they are answered right away. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect as I had never worked in this industry before. But as I was welcomed with open arms, the start of my internship was extremely positive!

What tasks did you take on as part of your internship?

On the one hand, I do ‘simple’ 3D work such as remodelling and shading objects, on the other hand I was entrusted with an entire project where I was able to make creative decisions myself. This was the case, for example, when I worked on a video shoot for a client, but also in regards to a 3D scene created for that video, where I was allowed to handle the camera movement, rendering process and post-production » myself.

What did you learn during your internship and what experiences or new skills will you take with you?

I was able to learn a lot in various areas. From a technical point of view, I deepened my knowledge in Adobe AfterEffects. However, I learnt even more about the “day-to-day activities”, meaning what processes can look like in a client project and how to present projects both internally and externally. I also learnt how to confidently discuss my work and strategy with customers during meetings, for example with Austrian Airlines. But I found it just as interesting and educational to work with other companies, such as PESCHKE’s film partner Severin Wurnig ».

Videodreh bei Exelliq
Video shoot on site with Severin Wurnig

Which experiences or projects did you find particularly exciting or instructive?

There are quite a few! I was most impressed by the film project I mentioned earlier, in which we worked with Severin and his team. Designing and implementing the 3D scenes for this film was a personal highlight. I also particularly enjoyed attending the AWE expo » in Vienna on the subject of XR (Extended Reality). There were many exciting presentations and exhibitions about current and future developments in this field. (For a little insight, see our social media post »)

Did anything about the world of work surprise you and how did you feel about the change from university life to working life?

The fact that I was welcomed with open arms meant that the transition to everyday working life was very smooth and posed no problem for me. Quite the opposite actually; I’ve looked forward to work every day so far and I’m very motivated in my projects.

Now for the final question: What tips would you give future interns to get the most out of the experience?

I want to encourage other interns to approach their internship with an open mind. If you do that, nothing can go wrong and you will be pleasantly surprised at how instructive and exciting your experiences in the world of work can be 😊

AWE Expo - XR Industry Event
AWE expo in Vienna: XR industry event

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