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How is product design related to user interface design – and why are we suddenly developing apps? Our journey from product designer to all-encompassing provider for physical and digital products.

September 28, 2021

Once upon a time...

…there was a term that had a clear meaning: product. It was explicitly defined as a hardware product, especially in the capital goods sector. There was not much more implied for the task of a product designer: design a product in such a way that – among other things – it supports the needs of the user in the best possible way. Of course, there are countless other factors that play into the design of products. But as the Design Council says: “Design is ultimately about making things better.” This has not changed to this day; except that the term “product” is no longer limited to “hardware” and, instead, encompasses much more. This starts with the fact that when interacting with products, the focus is increasingly placed on an interface through which this interaction takes place. An example is our interface project Bekum Control 8.0 ». It is also becoming more and more common for hardware products to interact with apps, such as with the ZEISS Hunting app » we developed.

As product designers, we have been following and implementing these developments for our projects from the very beginning. As a result, we are continuously adapting and expanding our definition of the term “product”. Of course, this also includes the development of new competences through continuous training, the expansion of our team, and choosing new cooperation partners. Nevertheless, there is one constant around which everything revolves, be it industrial design, user interface design or software design: The people for whom we design.

Due to the complexity of the products we work on and the comprehensive knowledge we build up regarding users and target groups – in our team as well as with our clients -, we have increased the core competencies of our portfolio over time to range from industrial & product design to UX/UI and graphic design, 3D & motion design » as well as marketing strategy & content creation including SEO and copywriting. The clear advantage for our clients is the ensuing efficiency in design projects: Various design disciplines and marketing work in parallel instead of one after the other. This also means that there is only one point of contact and that the technical know-how and in-depth product knowledge is covered by one team and transferred to all required areas. This saves know-how losses, extensive additional agency briefings and training periods – and spares nerves and budgets.

Important to note: While these are our main services, we have two more up our sleeves thanks to our extensive experience in these fields. On the one hand, we have service design, which is a strong part of product design processes, but plays into all our projects and can be delivered as a standalone service. Examples of service design projects are the setup of shipping processes or a customer service system.
On the other hand, we offer software development » for apps, websites and other interfaces – both as part of our UX/UI design process, but also as a standalone process in case you already have a design and just need someone to implement it for you and manage the whole process.

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