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Introduction & strategy


Introduction & strategy

Every 3D project starts off with an initial meeting to discuss the project, gather relevant information, provide consultancy and an orientation of what’s to come, as well as for the client and our project team to get to know one another.

Based on the provided information, we then carry out the overview planning and estimation of costs, scope and time. We also define a first storyline draft or core message we want to communicate.

Most of our 3D projects are part of a larger marketing strategy and content campaign », allowing for a cross-task, uniform narrative for various marketing channels.

Before we then delve into the actual project, we plan it in detail and draft a clear offer that defines services, costs, information about conditions and availability, and includes a timeline suggestion.

Concept & storyboard


Concept & storyboard

The first step of any animation is the definition of colours, mood, style, speed, brightness and other factors that guide and influence the final video. References for similar looks support everyone’s visual understanding and provide a base for discussion.

Storytelling is also the first step of the practical work and summarises the whole story in a paragraph to express the goal of the video.

When the storyline is approved, we develop the structure for the intro, the main part and the outro of the animation. Scenes and shots are then numbered, placed in order and sketched – the result is the storyboard.

We present the client with the output of this process and provide them with a specifications sheet. If the storyboard is approved, we coordinate everything with the project team and start to animate!




Rather than rendering in final quality right away, we start off with an animatic, i.e. the rough first animation of every shot. Animatics are very adaptable and efficient at this stage, meaning that client feedback can be incorporated more easily compared to time-consuming changes to a more developed animation.

Rough modelling is also a part of this step where objects in scenes are represented by placeholders. This gives a feel of the scenes and allows our clients to give feedback about the general direction early on.

Once all the feedback has been implemented and we have the clients’ approval, we get to the final 3D design.

3D design


3D design

It is now time for detailed 3D models with a photo-realistic look thanks to textures and lighting.

The detailed 3D models are integrated into the final animation and visual effects as well as 3D simulations are created and added. Each shot is then rendered in individual layers with high quality – thanks to our strong render farm. But we are not quite done yet.

Post-production stage
Post-production stage

Compositing is what follows next: the individual layers of a shot are placed on top of, and adapted to, one another to make up the whole composition.

Motion graphics, which are animated texts and graphic 2D animations, are also added to support the message of the video and to embellish it.

Brightness, colour, contrast and saturation are subsequently optimised for the final look.

To round it all off, we have editing and sound: All scenes are cut and arranged in the right sequence, and suitable music as well as sound effects are researched and added to the animation.

Now we have a finished 3D animation for everyone to enjoy!


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In need of outstanding animations, emotional storytelling and 3D product rendering? Our dedicated 3D & motion design team knows how to build up a story through breath-taking visuals. Just send us a message – we’ll take care of the rest.

3D & Motion Design


Austrian Airlines AG

Renderings & Animations

Photorealistic 3D visualisation of the new aircraft design, including presentation images and animations in breath-taking sceneries


Product animations

ENGEL injection moulding machines are up to 25m long and difficult to access for filming; our high-quality 3D animations are the solution.

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
3D animation

Educative 3D animation for the innovative FDU (Flat Die Unit) technology to support BSH with their internal communication

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